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BMW - BMW Navigation Update USB Road Map Europe WEST & EAST NE

mixmusic - 2019-10-02, 18:10
Temat postu: BMW Navigation Update USB Road Map Europe WEST & EAST NE
BMW Navigation Update USB Road Map Europe WEST & EAST NEXT 2020-1

This USB update is only for BMW Navigation System Professional (SA 609)
in conjunction with the High main unit (HU-H).

[B] NBT_ECE_401191.3.111 (West) & NBT_ECE_411191.3.111 (East) [/ B]

Only the range of the main street in the East and West:
Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro

Fully contained in East and West:
Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Italy, Croatia, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Switzerland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Vatican City

Only fully contained in the West:
Andorra, France, Gibraltar, United Kingdom, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Malta, Monaco, Norway, Portugal, San Marino, Sweden, Spain

Fully contained only in the east:
Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine, Belarus

For models:

* F01, F02, F03 ab 07/2012-
* F06 ab 03/2013-
* F07 ab 07/2012-
* F10,F11 ab 09/2012-
* F12,F13 ab 03/2013-
* F15 ab 08/2013-
* F18 ab 09/2012-
* F20, F21, F34 ab 03/2013-
* F22,F33 ab 11/2013-
* F25 ab 04/2013-
* F26 ab 04/2014-
* F30, F31 ab 11/2012-
* F32 ab 07/2013-
* F35 ab 01/2013-
* F36, F80 , F82 ab 03/2014-
* F56 ab 11/2013-
* I01 ab 09/2013-
* I12 ab 12/2013-

Installation only via USB storage.
Requires 64 GB USB memory and a valid activation code (FSC).



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